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Programme 1996-1997

Very Rev Herbert McCabe OP STM STL BA,

Lecturer in Theology at Blackfriars, Oxford

The Unknown God

Rt Rev Rowan Williams MA DD,

Bishop of Monmouth

From Morality to Glory: Thoughts on NT Ethics

Mr Clifford Longley,

Former Religious Correspondent of 'The Times'

Shared Moral Values in Plural Society

Rev Fr Gilbert Márcus OP BA BD MTh

The End of Celtic Christianity

Rev Andrew Lunn MA,

President of the Society

Beating the Boundaries

Margaret Davies BA PhD,

Westhill College, Selly Oak, Birmingham

Stereotyping the Other in St Matthew's Gospel


Programme 1997-1998

The Rev Kenneth Wilson OBE MLitt PhD,

Director of Research, The Queen's College, Birmingham

A Public Theology?

Dr Hugh Goddard MA PhD,

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies, University of Nottingham

Why are some Evangelical Christians so scared of Islam?

The Rev John Newton BA PhD DD,

Past Principal of Wesley College, Bristol

Continental influences on the life and thought of Bishop Edward King 1829-1910

The Rt Rev Richard Harries MA DD,

Bishop of Oxford

The Passion of Christ in Art (Illustrated Lecture)

Mr Howard Fitall,

President of the Society

The Rev Allan White OP STL MA BD PhD FSA,

Divinity Faculty, University of Cambridge & RC Chaplain, University of Cambridge


Programme 1998-1999

The Rev Roger Nunn BD,

Churches Together in England

What Kind of Unity?

The Rev Dr Eric Lott BD MLitt

'All Loves Excelling': A Christian looks at Hindu Faith

Dr Paul Parvis MA,


Patristic Studies

Mrs Mary J Warrener BA MPhil,

President of the Society

Logos: Belief and Non-Belief

The Rev Professor Canon Anthony Thiselton PhD DD,

Head of the Dept of Theology, University of Nottingham

The Relevance of Recent Research on I Corinthians to Preaching and Spirituality

Professor David Daniell,

Emeritus Professor of English, University of London

Tyndale's Bibles


Programme 1999-2000

Fr Fabian Radcliffe OP,

National Co-ordinator for Catholic Chaplains in Higher Education

'What St Paul Really Said' [A review of Tom Wright's book]

Revd Dr Henry Rack MA,

Past Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History, University of Manchester

John Wesley - High Churchman & Evangelical

Revd Canon Michael Ipgrave MA,

Adviser on Inter-Faith Relations, the Archbishop's Council

Trinity as a resource of Inter-Faith Dialogue

Dr Clifford Sharp BA BSc (Econ),

President of the Society

Six Impossible things before Breakfast! Faith and Reason in the year 2000

Revd Dr Michael H Taylor MA BD STN,

President of Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham

Poverty and Christianity

Rt Revd Rowan Williams,

Bishop of Monmouth

A lecture to celebrate 40 years of the Society

Revd Dr David Wilkinson BSc BA FRSA,

Annual University of Leicester Lecture


Programme 2000-2001

The Rev Dr Derek Stanesby MA,

Former Canon of Windsor responsible for St George's House Consultations

On Religion and Science

Fr Fergus Kerr OP,

Blackfriars, Oxford

Thomas Aquinas: Does he matter now?

Dr David Daniell MA,

Emeritus Professor of English, University of London

Shakespeare's Theology

Sr Cecily Boulding OP

When is Communion not Communion?

Mrs Gwynneth Little,

President of the Society

Faith in the Future: Exploring Children's Spirituality

The Rev Dr Neil Richardson MA BD,

Principal Wesley College, Bristol

A God too small? Contemporary experience of God and the New Testament


Programme 2001-2002

Mr Sîon Cowell,

Writer on Christo-centric Spirituality

Teilhard and Jung

The Rev Martin Mitchell,

President of the Society

Green Theology - Problems for Theism?

The Rt Rev Malcom McMahon OP,

Bishop of Nottingham

What Kind of Church?

Prof Frances Young,

Pro-Vice-Chancellor University of Birmingham

What about Wisdom?

The Rt Rev Tim Stevens,

Bishop of Leicester

God in the City

Dr Paul Weller,

Professor of Inter-Religious Relations, University of Derby

Jesus, God and Dialogue


Programme 2002-2003

Prof Maurice Casey,

University of Nottingham

Jesus' Final Passover with his Disciples

The Rev Canon Dr Andrew Wingate,

Inter Faith Adviser to the Bishop of Leicester

'Is my God your God?': Issues in Inter-religious Conversion

The Rev Canon Glynn Richerby,

President of the Society

Abelard and Heloïse Revisited

Dr Clare Watkins,

Vice Principal Margaret Beaufort Institute, Cambridge

Explorations in an Ecclesiology of Evangelical Sacrament

The Rev Dr Stuart Jennings,

Trinity Circuit and the University of Nottingham

'The Nature of History': The Debate about History and its Significance for Biblical and Theological Studies and Christian Spirituality

The Rev Dr Richard Burridge,

Dean, King's College London

Rigorous Morals or Inclusive Attitudes? Using New Testament Ethics Today


Programme 2003-2004

The Revd Alan Race,

Rector St Andrew's Aylestone

Religious Experience in an Inter-religious Context

The Revd Michael Rusk,

Rector St Peter's Oadby

The Theology of Rowan Williams

Fr Duncan Campbell OP,

President of the Society

Every Literature Helps

The Revd Gary P Hall,

Methodist Minister, Leicester City Centre

Theological Themes for a Secular Generation

Dr Susan Parsons,

Fellow, Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, University of Cambridge

Good Grief: Mourning and Hope in a Violent Time

Dr Karen Kilby,

Lecturer, Department of Theology University of Nottingham

On the Trinity: thinking about God in Contemporary Christian Theology


Programme 2004-2005

Peggy Morgan,

Lecturer in the Study of Religions, Mansfield College, Oxford

Buddhism and Social Engagement: Challenging Common Perspectives

The Revd Kathy Galloway,

Leader of the Iona Community

Spirituality and Justice

Dr Ataullah Siddiqui,

Inter faith Unit, The Islamic Foundation, Assistant Director Markfield Institute of Higher Education

Christian Theology and Theologians on Islam: Changing Perceptions in the Twentieth Century

The Revd Brian Hawker,

British Association of Iconographers

Icons and their Theological Significance

The Revd Sheila Stevenson,

President of the Society


Paul Cavill,

Lecturer in Anglo Saxon, University of Nottingham


Lat Blaylock,

Adviser with RE Today Special Services

Discussion led by panel of the 'Under Forties' on Faith and Image

Prof Alan Ford,

Professor of Theology, Department of Theology, University of Nottingham

Sectarianism and the Irish Churches


Programme 2005-2006

The Revd Dr Timothy Jenkins PhD,

Jesus College Cambridge, Canon Theologian Leicester Cathedral

Ways of Living Together:
A perspective on Christian Marriage

Dr Bob Norman BSc PhD CBiol ILTM,

Senior Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry, University of Leicester, President of the Society

Immanent and Provident Creator:
Is Christ still relevant?

Dr Angela Jagger BA PhD ILTM,

Associate Lecturer in Religious Studies, The Open University

Theology or Religious Studies: Does it matter?

Professor John Milbank DD,

Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics, University of Nottingham

Liberality versus Liberalism

Dr Tina Beattie PhD,

Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies, Digby Stuart College, Roehampton University

Theology and Film

Professor Mary Grey MA STB PhD,

Professor of Theology, Department of Theology, University of Wales, Lampeter

Sacred Longings: the Spiritual Challenge of Globalisation


Programme 2006-2007

Professor John Milbank DD,

Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics, University of Nottingham

Liberality versus Liberalism:
A Radical Orthodoxy

Dan McEwan MA Cultural Studies STL Theology,

Retired Head of Religious Studies

A Theologian deconstructs himself:
Theology meets Cultural Studies!

Revd Professor Leslie Houlden,

Emeritus Professor of Theology, King's College, London

Giving myself to Jesus

Revd Dr David G Palmer,

Methodist Minister for Wigston Magna and South

New Testament: New Testimony
to the skills of the Writers and first Readers

Rev Dr Alan Race,

President of the Society

Does it matter if Jesus did not think he was divine?

Dr Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi,

Tutor, St Philip's Centre for Engagement in a Multi-Faith Society

Exploring Some Aspects of "Asian Theology"


Programme 2007-2008

Dr David Bagchi,

Lecturer in the History of Christian Thought,
University of Hull

Christ's Descent into Hell -
The Reformation Debates

Revd Canon Dr Stephen Foster,

President of the Society and Canon Precentor of Leicester Cathedral

President's Evening - A Theological
Bird's Eye View of St Mark's Gospel

Fr Diarmuid O'Murchú M.S.C.,

Missionary priest, social psychologist and author

Theology as a Quantum Horizon

Rt Revd Tim Stevens,

Bishop of Leicester

Is there a Future for the Anglican Communion?

Prof June Boyce-Tillman,

Professor of Applied Music, University of Winchester

Theology and Music

Revd Amos Kasibanti,

Co-ordinating Chaplain, University of Leicester

Diaspora and Biblical Interpretation -
A Case Study of Ugandan Christians in Britain


Programme 2008-2009

Revd Clive Marsh,

Principal EMMTC

Where on earth is Christ today?
Explorations in Christology and everyday life

Revd Michael King,

President, Sometime Editorial Secretary at the Bible Reading Fellowship

President's Evening - Is "Holy Scripture" Christian? How did "the Word" become "the words"?

Professor Keith Ward,

Professor of Divinity, Gresham College, London

Science and Religion - Beyond Rapprochment

Nicola Slee,

Co-ordinator MA in Theological Studies,
The Queens Foundation, Birmingham

Poetry as a means of theological reflection

Richard Gill,

Presenter of the "Lead Kindly Light" CDs
on the life and thought of Newman

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture:
English Newman or Jane Austen's High Catholic Ethos

Fr Peter Hunter OP,

Lecturer in Philosophy at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford
Catholic Chaplain University of Leicester

What is it to be alive?
Scientific and theological perpectives


Programme 2009-2010

Professor Sathianathan Clarke,

Bishop Sundo Kim Professor in World Christianity,
Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC

The Dalit Issue in Hindu-Christian Dialogue.
Promise for the Future of Religions

Professor John Hoffman,

Emeritus Professor of Political Theory,
University of Leicester

I believe in God - the case for a Transcendental Atheism

Fr Richard Ounsworth OP,

Lecturer in Scripture, Blackfriars, Oxford

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture:
Entering into God's Rest

Professor Eleanor Nesbitt,

Professor in Religions and Education,
Institute of Education, University of Warwick

Young Peoples' Religious and Spiritual Nature in a Diverse Society

Dan McEwan,

President LTS, Retired Teacher - studied Theology in Louvain and Oxford, Cultural Studies in Birmingham

President's Evening:
Woman Bishops, Gay Bishops and Cultural Anxiety

Dr David Cheetham,

Senior Lecturer in Theology and Inter-religious Relations,
University of Birmingham

The Polyphonic Self and the Inter-religious Encounter


Programme 2010-2011

Father Nicholas King SJ,

Theologian, Author and Translator of Scripture
Tutor in Biblical Studies, University of Oxford

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture:
Saint Matthew's Gospel for Today

Dilwar Hussain,

Head of the Policy Research Centre,
The Islamic Foundation, Markfield, Leicestershire
Senior Adviser to the Institute of Community Cohesion

Islam, citizenship and the nation state

Professor Robert Jackson,

Professor of Religions and Education, University of Warwick
Director of the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit

Education about Religions and Beliefs: European Policy Recommendations and Young People's Views

Elizabeth Wayne with Richard Gill and Neil Crutchley

President's Evening:
Let all the world in every corner sing - Reflections on Hymns

Revd Dr Ralph Waller,

Principal Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Director of the Farmington Institute of Christian Studies

You may as well throw your money into the sea:
William Law, John Wesley and the Theology of Money

Professor Eleanor Nesbitt,

Professor of Religions and Education,
Institute of Education, University of Warwick

Young Peoples' Religious and Spiritual Nurture in a Diverse Society


Programme 2011-2012

Ann Morisy,

Freelance community theologian,
Author of "Beyond the Good Samaritan"

Discipleship in troubled times

Revd Dr Joe Dawson,

Deacon at St Thomas More, Knighton,
Scholar in psychology and theology

Jung and Christianity

Dr Anthony Harvey,

Formerly Lecturer in Theology, University of Oxford
and Sub Dean of Westminster Abbey
Author of "Something Overheard - Introduction to the New Testament"

Is the New Testament a reliable guide for moral conduct today?

Professor Celia Deane-Drummond,

Professor of Theology, University of Chester

Christ and Evolution - A Drama of Wisdom

Revd Canon David Jennings,

President Leicester Theological Society
Canon Theologian, Diocese of Leicester
Rector of Burbage with Aston Flamville

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture:
Swords into Ploughshares - is lasting peace a possibility in the North of Ireland?

Professor Paul Badham,

Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies,
University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Religious Experience, a Comparative Approach


Programme 2012-2013

Canon David Jennings,

Canon Theologian, Leicester Cathedral

A Liberal Church in a Liberal Society

Brigitta Sall,

An evening with the Swedish Poet Tomas Tranströmer

Mary Warrener,

Past President of the Leicester Theological Society

Is Spirituality replacing Religion?

Professor Alison Milbank,

Professor of Theology, University of Nottingham

"Common as Muck" - the value of Tradition in Christian Worship and Ecclesiology

Revd Canon David Jennings,

Canon Theologian, Diocese of Leicester
Rector of Burbage with Aston Flamville

Is the Bible the Word of God? - Discuss

Father Greg Murphy OP,

Author of "The hope of New Life", "Staying the Course" and "Blowing in the wind"

What is a Catholic?


Programme 2013-2014

Ian Robinson,

Literary critic and publisher - author of "Who killed the Bible?"

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture: Hebrew and Greek and English Translation

Roland Robertson,

Sociologist (specialising in sociology of religion)

Antitheism, Atheism and Reflexive Secularisation

David Lamb,

Theologian and Reader at St Mary de Castro

Sacred Art - expressions of the Faith - illustrations in the Catholic Compendium

Latimer Blaylock,

Editor of "RE Today"

Is RE in schools a theological quest?

Jim Green,

Author and broadcsater

From Hell to Hollywood - the trivilaisation of religion

The Rt Rev Tom Butler,

Formerly Bishop of Leicester and Bishop of Southwark

Is God green? - theology and the environment


Programme 2014-2015

Fr Neil Ferguson OP,

Lecturer in Scripture at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

Mark, the Controlling Gospel

Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave,

Bishop of Woolwich

God's Mission in a land of many faiths

Dr Miriam Gill,

Lecturer in the History of Art, University of Leicester

Art, History and Faith - Learning to look Teaching Art with a Religious Dimension

Dr John Young,

Trustee St Philip's Centre

Radical Orthodoxy - 14th Century Style - Piers Plowman

Richard Gill,

President Leicester Theological Society


The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Dr Rowan Williams,

The Lord Williams of Oystermounth, Former Archbishop of Canterbury

Theresa of Avila and Thomas Merton: two anniversaries


Programme 2015-2016

The Very Revd David Monteith,

The Dean of Leicester

Richard III: theological issues

Revd William F Myers,

Author of 'The Thoughtful Heart: The Metaphysics of John Henry Newman'

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture
Good, Happy and Free: Aquinas and Newman

Dr John Florance,

Faith Advisor, Radio Leicester

Theology and the Media: Evil communications and corrupt good manners

Dr John Young,

Trustee, St Philip's Centre

Radical Orthodoxy - 14th century style: Piers Plowman

Dr Angela Jagger,

President, Leicester Theological Society

Why is religion controversial?

Dr Ann Conway-Jones,

Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham

Moses and the life of prayer

Revd Fr Simon Gillespie,

Parish Priest St Mary and St Augustine, Stamford

Their eyes were opened: Christology in St Luke's Gospel


Programme 2016-2017

Canon David Jennings,

Canon Theologian Leicester Cathedral

God In-Action - does God act?

Prof Anne-marie Greene,

Professor of Employment Relations, De Montfort University

Clergywomen: The cost of a calling? Reflections on ministry as a professional job

Dr Thomas Bartsch,

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Loughborough University
President, Leicester Theological Society

Do angels push the planets? And does it matter to modern science?

The Right Reverend John Sherrington,

Auxilliary Bishop of Westminster

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture
'The Call to Holiness': A Methodist-Catholic Dialogue

Dr Laura Johnson,

Independent Interfaith Consultant

Christian Inculturation in India

The Revd Dr Peter Green,

Dean of Chapel and Chaplain, Bishop Grosseteste University

Time to burn Santa in effigy? What Christians should make of the phenomenon of interpassive believing


Programme 2017-2018

Rt Revd Patrick McKinney,

Bishop of Nottingham

The Newman Ecumenical Lecture
Some theological reflections on the ad limina visit by the Bishops of England and Wales to Rome in 2018

Dr Fran Porter,

Research Fellow at The Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education

Women and Men after Christendom

Peggy Morgan,

Lecturer in the Study of Religions, Mansfield College

A journey through ecumenism to the wider ecumenism and from Theology to Religious Studies

Revd William F Myers,

President, Leicester Theological Society

The Gospel according to Mark: editor and eye witness

Dr Martyn J Smith,

Teacher of Philosophy, Ethics and RE

Divine Violence and Salvation

Rt Revd Martyn Snow,

Bishop of Leicester

What is Christian mission?


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